Saturday, December 4, 2010


We are so fortunate to have lovely friends who love us and who care about what we are doing!
( in person and in spirit). We are so blessed to have such a fantastic turnout for Craftvember 2010. We are also fortunate to have a free gallery in our building to share our wares! Thanks to Gypsy design- hatmaker- Grab something Naked- lingerie. t- shirt design, Rainskirts by George Rothenberger- Scholars and other crochetware by Tristram and George Rothenberger, Photos by Wendy Dyk, Todd Taylor and Ivan Oyarzan and Magnets by Marta . Furniture and jewelery By Kevin and Rhonda.
I made some stuff too so Thanks Lofty Crafty! What a wonderful day! Blessed are we. I sound super religulous in this post.

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